Hallett Wind Farm

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Hallett Wind Farms
Hallett Wind Farm is located in South Australia
Hallett Wind Farm
Location of Hallett Wind Farms in South Australia
Country Australia
Location Hallett, South Australia, South Australia
Coordinates 33°22′4″S 138°43′43″E / 33.36778°S 138.72861°E / -33.36778; 138.72861Coordinates: 33°22′4″S 138°43′43″E / 33.36778°S 138.72861°E / -33.36778; 138.72861
Status Operational
Wind farm
Type Onshore
Hallett Wind Farm

The Hallett Wind Farm is the name given to the wind farms near the town of Hallett, South Australia:[1]

  • Brown Hill (Hallett 1): completed
  • Hallett Hill (Hallett 2): completed
  • North Brown Hill (Hallett 4): completed
  • Bluff Range (Hallett 5): completed

Brown Hill[edit]

Brown Hill Wind Farm, also known as Hallett 1, consists of 45 Suzlon S88 turbines each of a rated 2.1 megawatt (MW) for a total of around 95 MW. It is in the Mid-North of South Australia adjacent to an existing 180 MW gas fired peaking power plant.[2] The wind farm construction was carried out by Suzlon Energy Australia Pty. Ltd. This site utilises an innovative rock anchor solution to support the turbines using only one third of the concrete and reinforcement required in traditional foundations.

Hallett Hill[edit]

Hallett Hill Wind Farm, also known as Hallett 2 Wind Farm, was completed in late 2009. It consists of 34 Suzlon turbines each 2.1MW, giving an installed capacity of 71.4MW. Up to March 2011 it was averaging a capacity factor of 39%.

In December 2010, AGL identified that under certain wind conditions tones from the wind turbines were audible at the nearest residence. Resonance dampers have since been installed to address this tonality issue with the wind turbines.[3] Noise testing has confirmed that this permanent acoustic treatment has fixed the tonality issue.[4]

North Brown Hill[edit]

AGL's North Brown Hill Wind Farm, alternatively called Hallet 4 Wind Farm, has 63 turbines with a total installed capacity of 132MW, and cost A$334 million to build. The first power flowed into the south eastern Australian electricity grid in August 2010 and the project was up to full operation in early 2011.[5]

Bluff Range Wind Farm[edit]

AGL's Bluff Range Wind Farm, also known as Hallet 5 Wind Farm consists of 25 Suzlon turbines each of 2.1MW. Total project investment was $120 million.[6] The project was completed in early 2012.[7]

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