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Turkey "Halley"
Eurovision Song Contest 1986 entry
Candan Erçetin
Sevingül Bahadır
Gür Akad
Derya Bozkurt
Emre Tukur
Melih Kibar
İlhan İrem
Melih Kibar
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Didai didai dai" (1985)   
"Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne" (1987) ►

"Halley" was the Turkish entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 in Bergen, Norway. It was sung by Klips ve Onlar in Turkish.

On the night of the final, the song performed in the eighth position (following Netherlands's Frizzle Sizzle singing "Alles heeft ritme" and preceding Spain's Cadillac with "Valentino"), and at the close of the voting had received 53 points, placing 9th in a field of 20.

The song is in praise of the famous Halley comet and the band's joy with it, with the objective to give a good new, Halley comet could be seen in Earth. This comet only can be seen from Earth every 76 years, and could be seen in 1986, named after the astronomer Edmond Halley.

It was succeeded as Turkish representative at the 1987 contest by Seyyal Taner & Grup Lokomotif with "Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne".

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Preceded by
Didai didai dai
Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne