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Highest point
Peak Folarskardnuten
Elevation 1,933 m (6,342 ft)
Length 35 km (22 mi)
Country Norway
Counties Buskerud and Hordaland
Range coordinates 60°37′N 7°45′E / 60.617°N 7.750°E / 60.617; 7.750Coordinates: 60°37′N 7°45′E / 60.617°N 7.750°E / 60.617; 7.750

Hallingskarvet is a mountain range in southern Norway stretching from Geilo to Finse. The highest point is the 1,933-metre (6,342 ft) tall mountain Folarskardnuten, the highest point in Buskerud county.

In the north, there is a large dammed lake called Strandavatnet. The Bergen Line, which runs south of Hallingskarvet, has its highest stop at Finse Station (1,222 m).[1]

In 2006, the Hallingskarvet mountain range became part of the Hallingskarvet National Park.

Prestholtskarvet, eastern part of Hallingskarvet seen from the south


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