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Gender Unisex
Language(s) English
Language(s) Irish
Word/Name Ó hÁilgheasa
Meaning "descendant of Áilgheas"
Other names
Cognate(s) Hallessy, Hallisey, Hallisy, Hallissy, Hallisay, O Hallishy, O Hallyse

Hallissey is an English-language surname, derived from the Irish-language, and traditionally associated with the Irish counties of Cork and Kerry.


The name is derived from the Irish Ó hÁilgheasa,[1][2][3] a patronym meaning "descendant of Áilgheas".[4][5] The latter personal name is derived from the Irish áilgheas, meaning "eagerness".[1][4][5] The modern Irish form of the name is Ó hÁileasa.[1]


Other English-language surnames cognate to Hallissey include Hallessy,[3] Hallisey,[4][5] Hallisy,[6] Hallissy,[1][3][7] Hallisay, O Hallishy, and O Hallyse.[3]


The surname Hallissey is traditionally found in County Cork and County Kerry,[6][7] particularly in west Cork and south Kerry.[2]






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