Halloween (soundtrack)

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Film score by
ReleasedAugust 1979 (Japan)
October 1983 (USA)
StudioSound Arts Studio, Los Angeles, California
Length33:43 (1983 release)
51:51 (1998 release)
45:58 (2018 release)
LabelColumbia (1979 release)
Varèse Sarabande (1983 & 1998 releases)
Mondo Records (2018 release)
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Halloween is a soundtrack album composed and performed by John Carpenter, featuring the score to the 1978 film Halloween. It was released in Japan in 1979 through Columbia Records and in the US in 1983 through Varèse Sarabande. An expanded 20th Anniversary Edition was released in 1998 through Varèse Sarabande. In 2018, an LP was released by Mondo Records featuring the mono tracks taken from the original 35mm stem of the film and for the first time features the music as originally heard in theaters and on the earliest VHS releases of the film. The soundtrack would later play a major role in influencing the synthwave music genre.

Track listing[edit]

All music is composed by John Carpenter

1983 release
1."Halloween Theme – Main Title"2:54
2."Laurie's Theme"2:05
3."Shape Escapes"1:42
4."Myers' House"5:35
5."Michael Kills Judith"3:11
6."Loomis and Shape's Car"3:32
7."The Haunted House"3:33
8."The Shape Lurks"1:35
9."Laurie Knows"3:01
10."Better Check the Kids"3:27
11."The Shape Stalks"3:08
Total length:33:43
20th Anniversary Edition
1."Halloween Theme"2:21
2."Halloween 1963"3:11
3."The Evil Is Gone!"4:08
4."Halloween 1978"2:50
5."The Boogeyman Is Coming"0:40
6."The Shape"1:43
7."The Hedge"1:35
8."He Came Home"2:40
9."Trick or Treat"0:39
10."The Haunted House"1:43
11."The Devil's Eyes"1:39
12."The Boogeyman Is Outside"1:27
13."Damn You for Letting Him Go!"1:34
14."Empty Street"0:33
15."See Anything You Like?"2:22
16."Lock the Door"2:53
17."He's Here?"0:55
18."Light's Out"2:49
19."Cut It Out"1:19
21."The Shape Stalks Laurie"1:35
22."Turn Around"0:33
23."Unlock the Door"2:53
24."The Hanger"3:04
25."Call the Police"0:28
26."Last Assault"1:34
27."Was It the Boogeyman?"0:32
28."End Credits/Halloween Theme (Reprise)"3:36
Total length:51:51
40th Anniversary Edition
1."Halloween Theme"2:21
2."Michael Kills Judith"3:38
3."Shape Escape"1:40
4."Myers' House"4:07
5."Shape in the Shadows"2:47
6."Laurie's Theme"2:31
7."Nightfall in Haddonfield"3:04
9."Killing Spree"2:39
10."Run and Hide"4:43
11."Love Death"2:44
12."Shadowed Streets"2:19
13."The Shape Stalking"2:40
14."He's in the House"4:14
15."Was it the Boogie Man"1:07
16."Halloween Theme (Reprise)"3:36
Total length:45:58


  • John Carpenter – composition, performance
  • Dan Wyman – synthesizer programming
  • Peter Bergren – recording engineer


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