Halloween Night

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Halloween Night
Halloween Night dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byMark Atkins
Produced byDavid Michael Latt
Sherri Strain
Written byMichael Gingold
Story byDavid Michael Latt
StarringDerek Osedach
Rebekah Kochan
Scot Nery
Music byMel Lewis
CinematographyDavid Michael Latt
Edited byMark Atkins
Distributed byThe Asylum
Release date
  • October 24, 2006 (2006-10-24)
Running time
110 minutes
CountryUnited States

Halloween Night is a 2006 American horror[1] mockbuster film produced by The Asylum.


The film follows Chris Vale (Scot Nery), who was admitted to an asylum at the age of 12, after witnessing how his mother was raped and killed by two thugs hired by his father (who subsequently committed suicide), and nearly killed by them with a headshot. Now a 22-year-old grossly disfigured young man, he escapes from the asylum on Halloween after killing two orderlies who mock his wearing of masks that resemble those the thugs were wearing.

His old home is now inhabited by David Bexter (Derek Osedach)'s family; Bexter hosts a Halloween party there with his girlfriend Shannon (Rebekah Kochan), his friends, and his schoolmates. Vale kills a partygoer named Todd (Nicholas Daly Clark) at a gas station, steals his costume and his car, and drives to the party.

At the party Vale is taken for Todd by everyone and starts a killing spree unnoticed. Meanwhile, David fakes a dispute with a friend who kidnaps Vale (who still is taken for Todd) with a gun, and another friend disguised as a police officer, who is forced to hand over the keys of his car. After escaping with the car, the kidnapper is murdered by Vale, who goes back to the party in it. Because someone at the party has called the real police, the angry officer ends the party by telling everyone to go home, leaving only David, the now disappointed Shannon, and some friends.

Vale enters the house again, killing several of the remaining people and tying Shannon because she wears the collar of his mother that David found in the house earlier. He breaks up a hole in the wall that was covered with boards where the corpse of his mother was hidden by his father before committing suicide.

As one girl escapes from the house in panic David begins to search for Shannon, finding her captured in the basement. After freeing her Vale knocks out David from behind but Shannon manages to grab a gun that Vale has lost shooting him twice, presuming the killer for dead.

As the police and ambulance arrives later David seems to have disappeared with the police searching for him. Suddenly a hooded person appears behind a police officer who is talking to Shannon. Shannon grabs the officers gun shooting and killing the hooded person, after removing the hood she is shocked to see that she killed David.

In the final scene Vale is seen hitch-hiking and picked up by a car-driver who presumes him to having a long Halloween party night. The film ends while the car leaves.


  • Derek Osedach as David Baxter
  • Rebekah Kochan as Shannon
  • Scot Nery as Christopher Vale
  • Sean Durrie as Larry
  • Alicia Klein as Tracy
  • Erica Roby as Angela
  • Amanda Ward as Kendall
  • Jared Cohn as Daryll (as Jared Michaels)
  • Jay Costelo as Eddie
  • Michael Schatz as The Troll
  • Amelia Jackson-Gray as Jeanine
  • Nicholas Daly Clark as Todd
  • Tank Murdoch as Officer Connors
  • Stephanie Christine Medina as Kim
  • Jonathan Weber as Charlie


Cinema Crazed panned the movie, writing "as a "Halloween" wannabe, it's horrible, but as a slasher film on its own merits it's horrible".[2] HorrorNews.net criticized some aspects of the film but also wrote "You get what you signed up for and therefore should be satisfied with that fact alone. Production is slick, score is eerie and the acting makes sense."[3] Dread Central also heavily criticized the films, stating "Halloween Night is stupid slasher flick that’s sporadically amusing but mostly dull due to pacing issues, the predictable nature of the “seen it a million times before” storyline, and its insistence on taking itself far too seriously even when it’s being outright dumb."[4]

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