Halls Corners, Indiana

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Halls Corners, Indiana is an unincorporated community in Allen County, Indiana.[1]


A post office was established at Halls Corners in 1851, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1905.[2] The post office was first kept in the home of Isaac Hall, hence the name.[3]


The USGS reports that Halls Corners, aka Halls Corner, is located at latitude 41.2408833 longitude -84.8521848, which is in the middle of a bridge on Indiana, with no building nor driveway leading to a bare spot anywhere nearby, nor, for that matter, is there any corner there, according to aerial photography dated March 30, 2014, in Google Earth. Google Earth does not recognize the place name Halls Corners.

The 1981 Official Arrow New Edition Map of Allen County placed Halls Corners at the intersection of IN37 and IN101, about 1.5 miles SW of the USGS. Google Earth designates that location as Georgetown and shows it to consist in 2014 of one building with gas pumps. The other county map sold on newstands was in atlas format, rather than a folded poster, and neither Halls Corner nor Feorgetown was identified.

What is now known as IN-101 is identified as Hall Road in the map of Scipio Township, Shirley City, Hoagland, Dixon P.O. published in the Allen County 1898 atlas by George A. Ogle.

Thomas B. Helms' 1880 book, history of Allen Couty, Indiana identifies Hall as a farmer, and refers to it as Hall's (possessiver) rather than Halls (plutal). It says Isaac Hall was postmaster from 1851 to 1860, at which time the post office moved to the home of John Murphy, then in 1863 to John Shafer's store on Ridge Road, then in 1878 to the home of Ellias Billma. From this account, it would appear that Halls (Hall's) Corners (Corner) was as ambiguous in location as in name.