Halmus chalybeus

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Halmus chalybeus
Steelblue Ladybird (Halmus chalybeus) on leaf.jpg
On an oak leaf
Scientific classification
H. chalybeus
Binomial name
Halmus chalybeus
(Boisduval, 1835) [1]

Halmus chalybeus, commonly known as the steelblue ladybird, is a species of ladybird (the beetle family Coccinellidae) native to Australia. It has a rounded appearance with an iridescent blue/green colouration and is a predator of other insects. It was introduced to New Zealand from Australia in 1899 and 1905 to control black scale and blue gum scale (see scale insect) on citrus trees,[2] where it is now common in northern regions. It has also been recorded eating San Jose scale. They are about 3–4 mm long.[2]

Eating the egg of a monarch butterfly

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Further reading[edit]

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