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Halo generally refers to:

Halo or HALO may also refer to:


Business and organizations[edit]

Science and medicine[edit]

  • Halo (optical phenomenon), an atmospheric light effect produced by ice crystals
  • Galactic halo, an extended, roughly spherical component of a galaxy which extends beyond the main, visible component
  • Halation, a problem in photography
  • Heiligenschein an optical phenomenon giving a bright spot around a shadow, created when the surface on which the shadow falls has special optical characteristics
  • Halo nucleus, of orbiting protons or neutrons
  • Halo orbit, a periodic, three-dimensional orbit
  • Halo (mathematics), a concept in the theory of hyperreal numbers
  • Halo (medicine), a cervical brace
  • Halo sign, a finding on ultrasound that suggests the diagnosis of temporal arteritis
  • Health halo, a specialized Halo effect regarding food choices
  • Halo effect, a type of cognitive bias
  • Project Halo, computer science "digital Aristotle"



Fictional entities[edit]

  • Halo (G.I. Joe), a fictional member of the Phoenix Guard in G.I. Joe: America's Elite
  • Halo (comics), a DC Comics superheroine
  • Halo Jones, the heroine of the science fiction comic strip "The Ballad of Halo Jones" written by Alan Moore.







Other uses in music[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Halo, the NATO reporting name for the Mil Mi-26 helicopter
  • Halo- (chemistry), a prefix indicating the names of compounds which contain one or more halogen atoms
  • Halo (horse) (1969–2000), American Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Halo, a move used in the dance b-boying
  • Halo, in non-standard analysis, describes the set of points infinitely close to a given point
  • Halo antenna, a common omnidirectional antenna
  • Halo, a certain type of automobile headlamp
  • Halo or hallo, an informal greeting in some languages, often used when answering the telephone
  • Halo Meadows (1905–1985), American actress, writer and burlesque dancer
  • Halo Corporation, a fictional company appearing in Wildstorm comics

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