Halten Lighthouse

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Halten Lighthouse
Halten fyrstasjon
Halten 1.jpg
View of the lighthouse
Halten Lighthouse is located in Trøndelag
Halten Lighthouse
Halten Lighthouse is located in Norway
Halten Lighthouse
LocationHalten, Trøndelag, Norway
Coordinates64°10′22″N 9°24′19″E / 64.1729°N 09.4054°E / 64.1729; 09.4054Coordinates: 64°10′22″N 9°24′19″E / 64.1729°N 09.4054°E / 64.1729; 09.4054
Year first constructed1875
Tower shapeCylindrical
Markings / patternWhite with 2 black bands
Tower height29.5 metres (97 ft)
Focal height39 metres (128 ft)
Intensity1,080,000 candela
Range17.5 nmi (32.4 km; 20.1 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 4s
RaconT (—)
Admiralty numberL1550
NGA number8176
ARLHS numberNOR-106
Norway number471800
Heritagecultural property Edit this on Wikidata

Halten Lighthouse (Norwegian: Halten fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Frøya in Trøndelag county, Norway. The lighthouse is situated in the now uninhabited fishing village of Halten. It was first lit in 1875, and it is the northernmost of the chain of lighthouses marking the string of islands called Froan north of Frøya. The lighthouses include Sula Lighthouse in south, Vingleia Lighthouse, Finnvær Lighthouse, and finally Halten Lighthouse. The lighthouse emits the morse code letter "T" (—) as a racon signal.[1]

The 29.5-metre (97 ft) tall stone lighthouse tower is painted white and it has two black horizontal stripes. The light sits at an elevation of 39 metres (128 ft). The light emits a white flash of light every four seconds. It has a luminous intensity of 1,080,000 candela and a visibility of up to 17.5 nautical miles (32.4 km; 20.1 mi).[2][3]

The lighthouse tower was originally planned to build a twin-tower lighthouse with the Lista Lighthouse, but the technical development of lighthouses made this unnecessary so it was dismantled and rebuilt here.[2] A lot of the original interior and exterior are preserved on the lighthouse and the station has been declared a historic preservation site. The station is still in use by the Norwegian Coastal Administration as a base station.

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