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Halwai or HL
Regions with significant populations
 India *  Pakistan
HindiAwadhiBhojpuri . Angika Marwari Punjabi[citation needed]
Hinduism, Jainism
Related ethnic groups
Muslim HalwaiBaniaVaishya

Halwai in short form HL, is an Indian caste whose traditional occupation was confectionery and sweet-making. The name is derived the word Halwa.

Baba Ganinath Govindji is the kul Guru (school) of Halwai caste.[1]


In some parts of Uttar Pradesh, some believe that they have descended from a man by the name 'Bhalandan.' This Bhalandan came into being due to the will of the Hindu god Brahma. This individual married a woman named Marutwati. Their son was an individual who was named Vatsa Priti. One of the latter's descendants, an individual called Modan, took to making sweetmeats.[2]

Some suggest they came from north-west region of India and get settled in gangatic plains.

The community set up its own association, the Kanyakubja Vaishya Halwai Mahasabha, which was established in Varanasi in the early part of the 1900s.[3]

Culture and subdivisions[edit]

Halwai worships Baba Ganinath Govindji as their kul guru in the months of September. They are subdivided into many clans like Madhesiya, kannaujiya, Haldi etc.

They are orthodox hindus.

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