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Regions with significant populations
 India *  Pakistan
HindiAwadhiBhojpuri . Angika/BhagalpurMarwari Punjabi
Hinduism, Jainism
Related ethnic groups
Muslim HalwaiBaniaVaishya

Halwai is a caste of Vaishya varna (community) with traditional primary occupation related to confectionery and sweet-making. The name is derived the word Halwa.

Traditionally Indians ate food cooked at their own kitchen, although food cooked with ghee/oil by halwais was considered to be an acceptable exception.[1][page needed]

Baba Ganinath Govind is the kul Guru of Halwai / Madhesia cast.[2] purity of sweets is considered to be an important attribute.

Origins of the Halwai Caste[edit]

In some parts of Uttar Pradesh, some believe that they have descended from a man by the name 'Bhalandan.' This Bhalandan came into being due to the will of the Hindu god Brahma. This individual married a woman named Marutwati. Their son was an individual who was named Vatsa Priti. One of the latter's descendents, an individual called Modan, took to making sweetmeats.[3]

The community was among the earliest to set up its own caste association, the Kanyakubja Vaishya Halwai Mahasabha, which was established in Varanasi in the year 1903.[4]

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