Ham and egg bun

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Ham and egg bun
Chinesepastry HamandEgg.jpg
Region or stateHong Kong, Brazil
Main ingredientsFlour, eggs, ham
Ham and egg bun
Traditional Chinese火腿雞蛋包
Simplified Chinese火腿鸡蛋包
Hanyu Pinyinhǔotǔi jīdàn bāo
IPA[xwòtʰwò tɕítân páu]
Jyutpingfo2teoi2 gai1daan6*2 baau1

Ham and egg bun is a type of Hong Kong pastry.[1] It is a bun or bread that contains a sheet of egg and ham.[2] It is commonly found in Hong Kong as well as some Chinatown bakery shops overseas. It is also a common meal in Brazil, called simply as sandwich.[3][4]

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