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Ham Radio
Categories Amateur radio
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1967
First issue November 1967
Final issue
— Number
June 1990
Country United States
Language English

Ham Radio (HR) was a monthly amateur radio enthusiast magazine published in the United States from November 1967 to June 1990.

History and profile[edit]

Ham Radio was founded in 1967.[1] The first issue appeared in November 1967.[1] At the 1990 Dayton Hamvention, it was announced that Ham Radio had been sold to the publishers of CQ Amateur Radio. The magazine published a newsletter, HR Report, founded by Joseph J. Schroeder Jr.[2] The June 1990 issue of Ham Radio was the 268th and final issue published[1] where subscribers were told of the sale and that they would receive CQ in the future.[3]

The magazine was published in English and drew its subscription base primarily from the United States of America and Canada.[citation needed]

Ham Radio Horizons Magazine was a VHF and newcomer emphasis magazine printed by the same publisher as Ham Radio Magazine. It existed from March 1977 to 1981, with the last 7 issues that were incorporated into Ham Radio Magazine in 1981.

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