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Hamad Nazzal is the editor of the Arab Washingtonian [1] newspaper. He had worked for Al Ahali newspaper, Shihan, al-Jamaheer (Jordan), The Gulf Today, Al Khaleej, and the UAE Air Force Magazine. In addition, he is a former writer at Radio Sawa, Jamestown, and Magharebia (United States). Nazzal received a B.A. in Literature in 1991 and M.Phil. from Glasgow University in 1997.

In 1989, Nazzal founded an Amnesty International group in Jordan and was elected a member of the executive committee of the Jordan branch of the organization. He was also the Director of Jordan Cultural Forum.

Nazzal is a critic of totalitarian Arab regimes; the US foreign policy in the Middle East; and the fundamental Islamic movements in the region. Democracy, in his view, is the only path towards development and progress. He argues that the current popularity of Islamist organizations in the Middle East is temporary as the public mood in the region is historically moderate. The past fifty years of Arab dictatorships had produced massive state failure which led to increasing the support of traditional forces (religious groups) who were powerless in the region from 1900-1990. “What’s taking place in the Arab world is not unprecedented, when people suffer they resort to churches and temples".

Referring to leaders such as Michel Aflaq, Nayif Hawatmah, and George Habash, Nazzal says: "Let us not forget that four or five Christian Arab figures controlled the streets of Cairo, Beirut , Amman, Damascus, and Baghdad for decades".

The writer is also an outspoken critic of the tribal-based Arab social system and corruption.

Nazzal frequently urges the US administrations to use their influence with the Jewish State and force Israel to accept a fair and just settlement to the Middle East conflict. "The US can win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world once it uses its incredible influence in the region to convince Tel Aviv to accept the two-state solution based on Security Council Resolutions ", he says.

The Arab writer opposes wars and calls for an end to the US military intervention in Iraq. His proposed exit plan is based on replacing large number of the coalition forces in Iraq with troops form Muslim countries under UN command. He also urges the US to negotiate with military groups in Iraq to stop the civil war and to achieve an urgently needed cease fire.

He believes in reforming Islam and the separation between state and religion. In an article entitled: The USA and Israel: Who rules who? Nazzal dismisses the notion that the Jewish minority controls US policies. Although he believes in a strong Jewish influence in America, he thinks the final say in these policies is on the hands of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant "White Establishment".

Nazzal is also known for his collection of short stories A'art - Boast, and his poetry translations published in Al-Quds and al-bayader.