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Hamada Madi, widely known as "Boléro", is a Comorian politician, former Prime Minister and interim President.

Born on the island of Mohéli in 1965, he gained a degree in constitutional law in Ukraine and worked as a political adviser in Comoros, becoming secretary general of the Comoros Republican Party.

Before being appointed Prime Minister on 29 November 2000, he served as Secretary General for Defense in the Presidency and played a leading role in peace negotiations with Anjouan, leading to the Fomboni Accord. In January 2002, it was agreed, despite some opposition, that he would replace Colonel Azali Assoumani as interim head of state[1] and oversee the Transitional Government of National Unity in the run-up to the legislative and presidential elections. Due to his Mohélian origins, he was ineligible to run for the union presidency in 2002, when the first four-year term was reserved for a Grande Comorian. After the return of Azali to the presidency in May 2002, Hamada Madi was kept on as special advisor without portfolio with Union cabinet status.

After waiting several months Bolero got the permission from the Presidency in April 2007 to leave the country.

He is living currently in Paris, France in exile.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Bianrifi Tarmidi
Prime Minister of the Comoros
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Post abolished
Preceded by
Azali Assoumani
President of the Comoros
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Azali Assoumani