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Hamam is a brand of soap made in India and marketed by the Indian unit of Unilever. The name comes from the Arabic/Persian/Hindi word Hammam which refers to a public bathing establishment in the Middle Eastern countries. It was once a leading bath soap brand in India.


Hamam soap was established in 1931 as a mild soap that could be used by families. Hamam used its natural ingredients in its products long before using all natural ingredients was a trend. It was, at one time, the only Indian-made natural soap. It is said to be pure and safe on the skin. Hamam is the most recommended soap in Tamil Nadu by doctors.[1]


Hamam is a soap that has Neem, Tulsi, and Aloe Vera, all of which protect the skin from rashes, pimples, and body odor.[1]


Hamam soap comes in three different variations which include:

  • Sampoorna Snaan
  • Hamam Scrub Bath
  • AbhyangaSnaan[2]


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