Hamao Arata

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Hamao.
Hamao Arata

Viscount Hamao Arata (濱尾 新?, May 12, 1849 – September 25, 1925) was a Japanese politician and educator of the Meiji period, originally hailing from Toyooka, Hyōgo. He was active in the Monbu-shō (present Monka-shō) and as the president of institutions such as Tokyo Imperial University. Hamao was also, very briefly, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of Japan. He was ennobled as a baron on 23 September 1907 and advanced to viscount on 25 November 1921.



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Preceded by
Matsui Naokichi
8th President of University of Tokyo
Succeeded by
Yamakawa Kenjirō
Preceded by
Hachisuka Mochiaki
11th Minister of Education
Succeeded by
Saionji Kinmochi