Hamao Arata

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Hamao Arata
濱尾 新
Arata Hamao, President of the Imperial University of Tokyo (cropped).jpg
8th Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
In office
March 30, 1925 – March 30, 1925
Monarch Taishō
Preceded by Hirata Tosuke
Succeeded by Makino Nobuaki

Viscount Hamao Arata (濱尾 新, May 12, 1849 – September 25, 1925) was a Japanese politician and educator of the Meiji period, originally hailing from Toyooka, Hyōgo. He was active in the Monbu-shō (present Monka-shō) and as the president of institutions such as Tokyo Imperial University. Hamao was also, very briefly, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of Japan. He was ennobled as a baron on 23 September 1907 and advanced to viscount on 25 November 1921.



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Preceded by
Matsui Naokichi
8th President of University of Tokyo
Succeeded by
Yamakawa Kenjirō
Preceded by
Hachisuka Mochiaki
11th Minister of Education
Succeeded by
Saionji Kinmochi
Preceded by
Kiyoura Keigo
13th President of the Privy Council
13 January 1924–25 September 1925
Succeeded by
Hozumi Nobushige
Preceded by
Hirata Tosuke
8th Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
30 March 1925–30 March 1925
Succeeded by
Makino Nobuaki