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The Hamas government of 2012 is the second Palestinian Hamas-dominated government, ruling over the Gaza Strip, since the split of the Palestinian National Authority in 2007. It was presented on 26 August 2012 and approved by the Gaza-based Hamas MPs from the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).[1][2] Seven new ministers were appointed to the new government.[3] Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh said the new government's priorities would be "ending the siege [of the Gaza Strip] and easing the problems of citizens, especially with regard to electricity and water."[2]

This cabinet succeeds the Gaza Strip branch of the national unity government, which was officially dismissed by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas in 2007. Ismail Haniyeh, the Prime Minister of the 2007 and 2012 Hamas-led governments, considered the Fatah government of 2007 in West Bank as illegitimate. The Hamas government of 2012 exercises de facto rule over the Gaza Strip, supported by the Palestinian Legislative Council, which is dominated by members of Hamas.[3] This government resigned in June 2014 after the formation of the Palestinian unity government of 2014.

The United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan and Israel classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Members of the Gaza Strip 2012 Palestinian cabinet[edit]

Name Office Party
Ismail Haniyeh Prime Minister Hamas
Ghazi Hamad [4] Deputy Foreign Minister Hamas
Mazen Haniyeh[3] Justice Hamas
Yusef Sobhi Aghreyz[3] Housing, Public Works Hamas
Mohammed Jawad al-Farra[3] Local Government Hamas
Abdul Aziz al-Tirshawi[3] Agriculture Hamas
Ziyad al-Thatha (al-Zaza) *[1][3] Finance Hamas
Mufiz al-Makhalalati[3] Health Hamas
Ismail Radwan[3] Religious affairs Hamas
Fathi Hamad *[1] Interior Hamas
Osama al-Muzayni *[1] Education Hamas


In September 2012, following the announcement of the new government, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported that for the first time since the split with the Palestinian Authority in 2007, Hamas was seeking to appoint its own diplomats. Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad, however, strongly denied that these forthcoming diplomatic appointments was an indication that the Gaza government was seeking to entrench the division between West Bank and Gaza Strip.[4]

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