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Hamasa is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 24°14′N 55°46′E / 24.233°N 55.767°E / 24.233; 55.767Coordinates: 24°14′N 55°46′E / 24.233°N 55.767°E / 24.233; 55.767
Country  Oman
Governorate Al Buraimi
Time zone +4 (UTC+4)

Hamasa is an area currently in the Buraimi area in Oman. Hamasa, for the period of 200 years, was the capital of the Buraimi district (at that time a part of Saudi Arabia)[citation needed].

Hamasa's history dates back thousands of years, and in 2015 was the site of archaeological investigations undertaken by Sultan Qaboos University, the Omani Ministry of Heritage & Culture and Zayed University.[1]

It was described by the explorer Wilfred Thesiger as being involved in the slave trade when he visited in the 1940s.[1]

In 1955, a force from Abu Dhabi and Oman, both supported by the United Kingdom, invaded the area[citation needed]. Most of the citizens are from Al Shawames[citation needed].

The Hamasa is also a collection of early Arabic poetry, extolling virtues such as bravery, courage and honor[citation needed].