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A view of Hamaxing from the Kaohsiung Harbor
Traditional Chinese 哈瑪星
Simplified Chinese 哈玛星

Hamaxing or Hamasen (Chinese: 哈瑪星; pinyin: Hāmǎxīng) is a historic urban area of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is located in the southern end of Gushan District between the foot of Ape Hill and Yancheng District, another historic quarter.


The name Hamaxing was derived from Hamasen (濱線?), from the Japanese names of two railways which pass through this area which means beach railway line. It used to be the hub for railway and ocean cargo. It was the center of politics, economy and fishing industry. The area also was the pioneer of modernization of Kaohsiung where the first modernized city street, tap water installation, electricity and lamps were made there. Before the establishment of Kaohsiung Station, Hamaxing was a regular stop for passenger trains.[1]


Hamaxing has a wharf named Gushan Ferry Station (zh) which connects Gushan District and Qijin Island with regular ferry service via the Qijin–Gushan Ferry. Additionally, many small fishing boats and yacht also berth there. Xiziwan Station of Orange Line of the Kaohsiung MRT is located in this area. A pedestrian and cycling tunnel through Ape Hill connects Hamaxing and National Sun Yat-sen University in Xiziwan.