Hambantota Wind Farm

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Hambantota Wind Farm
Two of the five turbines at the wind farm
Country Sri Lanka
Location Hambantota
Coordinates 06°08′46″N 81°06′47″E / 6.14611°N 81.11306°E / 6.14611; 81.11306Coordinates: 06°08′46″N 81°06′47″E / 6.14611°N 81.11306°E / 6.14611; 81.11306
Status Operational
Commission date March 1999
Construction cost Rs. 280 million (1999)
Owner(s) CEB
Wind farm
Type Onshore
Avg. site elevation Sea level
Site usage Shrub lands
Hub height 46 m (151 ft)
Rotor diameter 43 m (141 ft)
Power generation
Units operational 5
Make and model NEG Micon (now Vestas): M1500-600
Nameplate capacity 3 MW
Capacity factor 14%
Annual output 4,500 MWh

The Hambantota Wind Farm is the first wind farm to be commissioned in Sri Lanka. The farm is located along south-eastern coast of Hambantota, and consists of five NEG Micon M1500-600 wind turbines of 600 KW each. With a total installed capacity of 3 MW, the wind farm generates up to approximately 4,500 MWh of power annually.[1][2]

The wind farm stretches about 1,500 km2 (580 sq mi) in size, and cost approximately Rs.280 million (1999 rates), of which 34% were local funds and 66% were foreign funds.[1][2] Foreign funds were raised by the Global Environmental Facility and the World Bank. Studies on the project dated as early as 1988, more than a decade before it was commissioned in 1999. The project is now owned by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Specifications of the wind turbines
Subject Details
Turbine manufacturer NEG Micon
Model M1500-600
Nameplate capacity 600 KW
Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s (11 ft/s)
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s (82 ft/s)
Survival wind speed 69 m/s (226 ft/s)
Hub height 46 m (151 ft)
Rotor diameter 43 m (141 ft)
Rotor swept-area 1,452 m2 (15,629 sq ft)
Rotor RPM 18 to 27
Weight of rotor 13,000 kg (29,000 lb)
Weight of nacelle 19,000 kg (42,000 lb)
Tower type Tubular steel (seven sections)
Weight of tower 40,000 kg (88,000 lb)
Diameter of tower foundation 11 m (36 ft)

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