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S-Bahn-Logo.svg Hamburg-Harburg
Transportation hub
Station Hamburg-Harburg main entrance (in 2006)
LocationHannoversche Str. 85
21079 Hamburg
Owned byDB Station&Service
Line(s)Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg Deutsche Bahn
ICE and regional rail
S-Bahn-Logo.svg Hamburg S-Bahn
Structure typeMain line: at-grade
Rapid transit: underground
ParkingPark and ride
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station codeMain line:
ds100: AHAR
DB station code: 2519
Type: Bf
Category: 2
ds100: AHRS
Type: Hp
Opened1 May 1897; 121 years ago (1897-05-01)
S-Bahn-Logo.svg 24 September 1983; 35 years ago (1983-09-24)
ElectrifiedMain line: 6 April 1965; 53 years ago (1965-04-06)
S-Bahn-Logo.svg 1200 volts DC system third rail
Previous names1897-1928 Harburg Hauptbahnhof
1928-1938 Harburg-Wilhelmsburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg-Harburg or Harburg (German: Bahnhof Hamburg-Harburg) is one of four operational main-line railway stations (Fernbahnhöfe) in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Opened on 1 May 1897, it is situated on the Hannover-Hamburg, Wanne-Eickel-Hamburg and Lower Elbe lines as well as the Harburg S-Bahn line. Train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn and Metronom with the rapid transit station (named just Harburg) being served by the Hamburg S-Bahn. The station is managed by DB Station&Service.[1]


The underground S-Bahn station was opened in 1983.[2]


Station Hamburg-Harburg (in the foreground: track 5) in 2005

The railway tracks and platforms for the main station are at-grade; the S-Bahn tracks from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (lines S3 and S31) converge at the underground station.[2]

Train services[edit]

The following services call at the station:[3]

  • Intercity Express service (ICE 42) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Wuppertal - Köln - Frankfurt - Stuttgart - Ulm - München
  • EuroCity service (EC 7) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Düsseldorf - Köln - Bonn - Karlsruhe - Freiburg - Basel - Zürich - Chur
  • Intercity service (IC 30) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Essen - Düsseldorf - Köln - Bonn - Stuttgart
  • Intercity service (IC 31) Hamburg - Bremen - Münster - Dortmund - Wuppertal - Köln - Bonn - Frankfurt
  • Night train service (City Night Line) Hamburg - Hanover - Augsburg - Munich
  • Night train service (City Night Line) Hamburg - Hanover - Karlsruhe - Freiburg im Breisgau - Basel - Zurich
  • Night train service (EuroNight) Hamburg - NurembergLinzVienna
  • Regional service RE 3 Hamburg - Lüneburg - Uelzen
  • Regional service RE 4 Bremen - Rotenburg - Tostedt - Buchholz - Hamburg
  • Regional service RE 5 Cuxhaven - Otterndorf - Stade - Hamburg
  • Local service RB 31 Hamburg-Harburg - Lüneburg
  • Local service RB 41 Bremen - Rotenburg - Tostedt - Buchholz - Hamburg
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
ICE 25
towards Munich Hbf
towards Münster Hbf
ICE 42
towards Munich Hbf
IC 26
towards Karlsruhe Hbf
IC/EC 30
towards Stuttgart Hbf
IC/EC 31
towards Passau Hbf
Preceding station   Hamburg-Köln-Express   Following station
towards Köln Hbf
Preceding station   Metronom   Following station
RE 3
toward Uelzen
RE 4
toward Bremen Hbf
RE 5
toward Cuxhaven
TerminusRB 31
toward Lüneburg
RB 41
toward Bremen Hbf
Preceding station   Hamburg S-Bahn   Following station
toward Pinneberg
S 3
toward Stade
toward Altona
S 31
toward Neugraben

Long distance service[edit]

ICE service 25 run by Deutsche Bahn to Munich calls at Hamburg-Harburg.[citation needed]

Regional trains[edit]

Among other regional services, lines R50 from Cuxhaven, R40 from Bremen, R41 from Soltau and R30 from Lüneburg call at Hamburg-Harburg; all of these continue towards Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.[citation needed]

Rapid transit[edit]

Lines S3 and S31, coming from the southwest of the city and Stade, continue via the Hauptbahnhof toward Pinneberg or Altona in the northwest.[4]


A bus station served by several bus lines offering connections to places both inside and outside city boundaries is located in front of the railway station.[5]


Parking spaces for both cars and bikes are available. Several shops are located in the station building. There are personnel at the station for ticket sales, information and also assistance for handicapped persons. Lockers and safes, toilets, and SOS and information telephones are also provided.[5]

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