Hamburg (oil field)

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Hamburg (oil field) is located in Alberta
Hamburg (oil field)
Location of Hamburg/Chinchaga
Country Canada
Region Northern Alberta
Offshore/onshore onshore
Coordinates 57°18′N 119°00′W / 57.3°N 119°W / 57.3; -119Coordinates: 57°18′N 119°00′W / 57.3°N 119°W / 57.3; -119
Operators Apache, Devon
Producing formations Bluesky Formation, Gething Formation

The Hamburg oil field is a remote area in north-western Alberta, Canada, with intensive exploration and production of oil and gas.

The closest town is Manning, at 180 km east.

Drilling activity is especially intensive during the winter months, when the otherwise soft muskeg can be crossed on winter roads.

Among the corporations that have a large interest in the area are Devon Energy, Apache Corporation, Burlington Resources and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.


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