Hamburg Airlines

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For the current airline, see Hamburg Airways

Hamburg Airlines
Hamburg Airlines.jpeg
IATA ICAO Callsign
HAS HX Hamburg Air
Founded 1988
Commenced operations April 1988
Ceased operations 1997
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Airlines was a small German airline which operated from 1988 to 1997.

Company history[edit]

Hamburg Airlines was founded in April 1988 and commenced operations with a Dornier Do 228 with services between its home base of Hamburg and Rotterdam and Westerland. A couple of months later a second Do 228 was added and services expanded to Antwerp and Gothenburg. By the end of 1988 a de Havilland Canada Dash 8 was added and the airline expanded operations.

With the reunification of Germany, flights to the east were added. The airline leased a Fokker 100 and the routes of Berlin based Tempelhof Airways were taken over, thus Berlin becoming a second hub for Hamburg Airlines. As destinations expanded, London Gatwick Airport, Kalinigrad and Riga were served. Unfortunately, Hamburg Airlines was losing money so in 1993 it was sold to Saarland Airlines (a charter company), but Hamburg Airlines continued to operate independently of the mother company. In 1993 Saarland Airlines went bankrupt and Hamburg Airlines ceased operations for a short period until revived in December 1993. The aircraft of choice for the resurrected Hamburg Airlines was the BAe 146. Things did not go well for Hamburg Airlines and by 1997 it was in dire financial problems. When no buyer or merger partner could be found, Hamburg Airlines was liquidated on 21 December 1997.[1]

Fleet details[edit]


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