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Location of Hamcearca
Location of Hamcearca
Coordinates: 45°07′N 28°22′E / 45.117°N 28.367°E / 45.117; 28.367Coordinates: 45°07′N 28°22′E / 45.117°N 28.367°E / 45.117; 28.367
Country Romania
County Tulcea
First attested ca. 1800
Component villages Balabancea, Căprioara,
Hamcearca, Nifon
 • Mayor Ion Acceleanu (since 2004) (PD-L)
 • Total 198.29 km2 (76.56 sq mi)
Population (2002)
 • Total 1,628
 • Density 8.2/km2 (21/sq mi)
Climate Cfb
Website http://www.cjtulcea.ro/judet/hamcearca.html (Romanian)

Hamcearca is a commune in Tulcea County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Balabancea, Căprioara (historical name: Geaferca-Rusă), Hamcearca and Nifon.

The commune formerly included Taiţa village, mainly Russian-inhabited prior to 1877, but this had been depopulated by 1930.[1]

Reportedly, the commune's name derives from Hamcerencu, the surname of the brothers who settled there around 1812.[2]


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