Hamdamsaltaneh Pahlavi

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Hamdamsaltaneh Pahlavi
Born February 22, 1903
Tehran, Iran
Died 1978
Issue Amir Reza
Father Reza Shah
Mother Maryam Savadkoohi

Hamdamsaltaneh Pahlavi was the first child and daughter of Reza Shah of Iran and Maryam Savadkoohi.

She was born on 22 February 1903 in Tehran and died in 1978. Her mother died when she was only one year old. Hamdamsaltaneh was married to Hadi Atabay, and in 1925 bore her first child, Amir Reza Atabay. Later, she gave birth to two more children, Cyrus and Simin.

Amir Reza in turn later married Mahine Amir Mokri, and the couple had one son, Reza Atabay.

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