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Hamdard Naunehal (Urdu: ہمدرد نونہال‎) is a kids Urdu language monthly magazine[1] first published by Hakim Said of Hamdard Laboratories in 1953.[2] This magazine is very popular among children due to its emphasis on proper Urdu through the section نونہال لغت, titbits, moral & mystery stories, cartoons and informative snippets. The current editor for the magazine is Masood Ahmad Barkati while the patron is Sadia Rashid (daughter of late Hakim Saeed Shaheed -- a philanthropist and founder of Hamdard Industries). The current team took over after Hakim Saeed was murdered in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan and the magazine keeps his memory alive by publishing articles from his times.The format hasn't changed much ever since it first came out except the inclusion of a section entitled ھنڈکلیا which aims at teaching basic level cooking.

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