Hameed Sheikh

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Hameed Sheikh
Nationality Pakistan
Occupation Actor, Producer
Known for Khuda Kay Liye

Hameed Sheikh (Urdu: حمید شیخ) is an actor and producer from Pakistan. He is known for his major roles in Khuda Kay Liye, Operation O21 and Moor (film).[1] In 2001 he worked for CNN as a freelance producer, cameraman, and translator.


Kandhar Break[edit]

In 2008, Sheikh produced Kandhar Break - political thriller set in 1999 which tells the story of an Englishman who, dictated by circumstances, must escape the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. While filming a night seen in the desert, a group associated with the Taliban attacked the Pakistani members of the film crew. Four of the crew members were shot while leaving the compound and arriving at the set; they all survived. Much like lead character of the movie, director David Whitney and his crew were forced to leave Pakistan with the help of local security forces. Only 75% of the shoot was completed by then. Later, Sheikh arranged funding for the remaining part that was filmed in Tunisia.[2]


Sheikh was approached by Jami, director and writer of Moor, to play the role of an old man whose family was affected by the closure of a Railway Station in Zhob Valley, Baluchistan. In preparation of the role, Sheikh gained a lot of weight and changed his posture and walking style. He described his role as "genuinely challenging", yet didn't charge a dime for the project since he believed the film would open doors for young actors of Baluchistan.[1]



Year Title Role Director Notes
2007 Khuda Kay Liye Sher Shah Shoaib Mansoor
2009 Kandahar Break: Fortress of War Omar Baloch David Whitney
2013 Hearts and Minds Tariq Charlie Guillen Short film
2014 O21 Jami
2015 Abdullah: The Final Witness N/A Hashim Nadeem screened at Cannes Film Festival
2015 Moor Wahid Jami Released


Year Title Role Director Notes
1984 Naqab Sang
20--- Zanjeer Syed Faisal Bukhari
19-- Wapasi -
1995 Kal - Co-produced with Jamal Shah
19-- Wapsi Kay Baad Muhammad Nawaz Magsi
19-- Ishq Babar Javed
19-- Matti Amanullah Nasir

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