Hamid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie

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Hamid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie
Born (1940-02-09) February 9, 1940 (age 77)
Era Modern era
Region Muslim scholar
School Sunni Islam
Notable ideas
President of IIFD & Co-President of WMC

H. E. Prof. Dr. Hamid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie (Arabic: معالي الأستاذ الدكتور حامد الرفاعي‎) is a Saudi Arabian activist and thinker, and president of the International Islamic Forum for Dialogue (IIFD ),[1] and co-president of the World Muslim Congress.


Al-Rifaie was born in 1940 in Busor Alharer village in the Huraan[2] Region, Syria to a well-known family. His father, Sheikh Ahmed bin Zaal Beck Al-Rifaie ,[2] was among the leaders and dignitaries in Huraan. He was a tribal leader, educated, and had a degree from America at that time. His grandfather, Sheikh Zaal Beck Al-Rifaie,[2] was also from the leaders and dignitaries in Huraan . He played an important role in the national revolution against the French, and was the right-hand man of Huraan Sheikh Ismail Pasha Al-Rifaie during and after a French mandate over Syria.

Prof. Hamid AL-Rifaie With King Abdullah Al Saud

Hamid Al-Rifaie earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry and geology from University of Damascus and M.Sc. in Industrial Organic Chemistry from Al-Azhar University and Surry University. He was awarded his PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from Cairo University.

He has being interested in dialogue among the followers of various religions and cultures for more than 30 years where he has gained considerable experience.

Al-Rifaie, during his activities in IIFD, signed more than ten protocols pertaining to dialogue between IIFD and a big number of the international religious and cultural foundations throughout the world such as:

  • The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue - Vatican.
  • The American National Council of the Churches of Christ-Washington.
  • The Middle East Council of Churches - Cyprus.
  • The World Council of Churches - Geneva.
  • The Russian Cultural Glory Center - Moscow.
  • The World Buddhist Sangha Council - Taiwan .
  • The Middle East Institute for Peace and development - New York.
  • The World Hindu Council - New Delhi.

Academic Position[edit]

  • Secondary School - Teacher of Chemistry, 1962-1978.
  • Professor of industrial organic chemistry–King Abdul Aziz University, 1978-1998.

Positions in the Field of Islamic Activities[edit]


  • Several research papers in Chemistry.
  • A great number (over 85) of papers, essays, and other publications in the field of Islamic thought and Civilizational Studies such as:
  • “The Islamic Nation and the Crisis of Civilization”.
  • “Mutual Acquaintance and human Security”.
  • “Muslims and the West”.
  • “Civility of Dialogue and disagreement in Islam”.
  • “World Systems and Human Rights and Obligations”.
  • Ethics of Islamic Discourse Addressed to Non-Muslims”.
  • “Jerusalem and Secure Peace”.
  • “And What about Globalization and Globalization?
  • “Yes to Dialogue, No to Dialogue”.
  • “Human Generations and Their Need to Be Introduced to the Islamic Project of Civilization”.
  • “A Strategic Study of the Present and Future of Islamic Work”.
  • “The Future Form of Unity and Islamic Solidarity”.
  • “Globalization and Globalization: An Islamic Perspective”.[6]
  • “Civilization and the Problem of Terminology and Performance”.[7]
  • “The Intermediary community as a Rational Basis for the Dialogue of Civilizations”.
  • “Complementarity of Civilizations”.[8]
  • “Islam and the launching Points of a Common Ground for World Civilizations”.[9]
  • The Other and the Problem of Terminology and Dialogue.
  • Partners Not Guardians: Islam and Its Response to Human Security Aspirations.
  • Here we are ! Who are you ?[10]
  • AL-Bi'aoiah( Islamic Social contract) and the Democracy.
  • Come to a Just Word.
  • But you are Scum!
  • March of dialogue in the recent history.
  • Secularism between extremism and moderation.
  • AL-Wasatiyyah And Orthodox pivot for dialogoe of cultures.[11]


Prof. AlL-Rifaie shared in more than 198 international conference throughout the world.


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