Hamid Majid Mousa

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Hamid Majid Mousa
حميد مجيد موسى
Secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party
In office
Preceded by Aziz Muhammad
Succeeded by Ra'id Fahmi
Member of the Governing Council
In office
July 2003 – 28 June 2004
Preceded by Council created
Succeeded by Council dissolved
Personal details
Born (1941-01-07) 7 January 1941 (age 76)
Kingdom of Iraq
Nationality Iraqi
Political party Iraqi Communist Party
Alma mater Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics
Profession Politician

Hamid Majid Mousa (Arabic: حميد مجيد موسى‎‎) is the Secretary General of the Iraqi Communist Party.[1] He was a member of the Interim Iraq Governing Council created following the United States's 2003 invasion of Iraq, and previously currently held a seat in the National Assembly under Iyad Allawi's Iraqi National List.

Early life[edit]

Mousa is an economist and petroleum researcher by training and studied at the Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia from 1960 to 1965.[2] He is a follower of Shia Islam.[3]

Communist Party[edit]

Mousa joined the Iraqi Communist Party in October 1959, and remained a member during the suppression of the party between 1965 and 1968. He was arrested in May 1968 due to his links with the party, although was released as part of an amnesty at the end of the year following the Ba'athist coup. He worked as an economic researcher in the national oil company from 1970 until late 1978 when he left Iraq. He had been appointed to the Central Committee of the party at the National Conference in 1976.[2] He returned to Iraq in 1983, where he lived in the Kurdish-controlled north of the country and was involved in activities against Saddam Hussein's regime. In 1993, he became Secretary General of the Iraqi Communist Party.

Post Saddam Iraq[edit]

He was a member of the committee that drafted the Constitution of Iraq and was one of two candidates elected to the Iraqi National Assembly in the January 2005 elections as part of the People's Union list.[4] He was again elected in the December 2005 elections as part of the Iraqi National List. The party ran as part of the People's Union electoral coalition for the 2010 parliamentary election, but failed to gain any seats.[5]

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