Hamid Rahimi

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Hamid Rahimi
Real name Hamidullah Rahimi
Nickname(s) The Dragon
Height 5′ 11½″/181cm
Nationality Afghan-German
Born September 12, 1983
Boxing record
Total fights 24
Wins 23
Wins by KO 11
Losses 1

Hamid Rahimi (Persian: حمید رحیمی‎‎) is a Hazara boxer from Afghanistan who lives in Germany.[1] In February 2012, he won the New World Boxing Union (WBU) Championship by defeating his Belarusian rival in Hamburg.[2]

He also holds dual German citizenship.[3] He left Germany and arrived at Kabul on 4 March 2011, where he was warmly received by his fellow countrymen including the Afghan National Olympic Committee.

First professional boxing match in Afghanistan[edit]

At 30 October 2012 the first professional boxing match in Afghanistan was held in Kabul. The match was against Said Mbelwa from Tanzania for the WBU Intercontinental Middleweight Title. It ended in the 7th round when Mbelwa quit because of a shoulder injury. The match was broadcast on Afghanistan's national television and was watched by millions. After winning the match, during a press conference Rahimi stated that he dedicated the award to the people of Afghanistan.[4]

21 Wins (10 knockouts, 11 decisions), 1 Loss (0 knockouts, 1 decision), 0 Draws[5]
Res. Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Win 23-1 Czech Republic Bronislav Kubin TKO 1 (12) 2014-04-12 Germany Telekom Dome, Bonn, Germany
Win 22-1 Belarus Aliaksei Volchan UD 6 2013-05-25 Germany Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Win 21-1 Tanzania Said Mbelewa TKO 7 2012-10-30 Afghanistan Kabul Stadium, Kabul, Afghanistan Won vacant WBO Intercontinental middleweight belt
Win 20-1 Belarus Ruslan Rodivich TKO 8 (12) 2012-02-24 Germany Le Royal[disambiguation needed], Hamburg, Germany Won vacant World Boxing Union (German Version) middleweight title
Win 19-1 Germany Turgay Uzun TKO 6 (8) 2011-09-16 Germany Golden Event Center, Hamburg, Germany
Win 18-1 Hungary Attila Kiss PTS 6 2011-04-08 Germany Class, Hamburg, Germany
Win 17-1 Germany Bekay Elson TKO 3 (6) 2011-03-19 Denmark Fritidscenter, Ribe, Denmark
Loss 16-1 Hungary Attila Kiss PTS 8 2010-12-03 Czech Republic Arena Sparta, Prague, Czech Republic
Win 16-0 Armenia Armen Azizian TKO 4 (12) 2010-08-26 Germany Peter Jensen Lagerhaus, Hamburg, Germany Won interim PABA Middleweight Title
Win 15-0 Germany Andy Thiele TKO 11 (12) 2010-06-17 Germany Peter Jensen Open Air, Kiel, Germany Won vacant GBC Intercontinental Middleweight Title
Win 14-0 Hungary Jozsef Siklodi KO 1 (6) 2010-03-27 Germany Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Germany
Win 13-0 Czech Republic Kamil Mitras TKO 2 (6) 2010-02-27 Germany Fitnesstreff, Schwarzenbek, Germany
Win 12-0 Czech Republic Karel Zdarsa TKO 4 (6) 2009-11-21 Germany Dithmarsen Park, Albersdorf, Germany
Win 11-0 Latvia Jevgenijs Kiseljovs MD 4 2009-10-24 Germany Kugelbake-Halle, Cuxhaven, Germany
Win 10-0 Germany Karim Allous PTS 6 2009-07-25 Germany Mario's Gym, Berlin, Germany
Win 9-0 Germany Andreas Roeder PTS 6 2006-06-12 Luxembourg Rene Hartmann Center, Dudelange, Luxembourg
Win 8-0 Austria Thomas Hengstberger UD 6 2009-03-06 Germany Kugelbake-Halle, Cuxhaven, Germany
Win 7-0 Turkey Tahir Celic TKO 2 (6) 2008-11-22 Germany Stadthalle[disambiguation needed], Westerburg, Germany
Win 6-0 Belgium Yves Romainville UD 4 2008-10-10 Germany Mittelandhalle, Barleben, Germany
Win 5-0 Belarus Ihar Filonau SD 4 2007-07-06 Germany Arena Gym, Hamburg, Germany
Win 4-0 Poland Adam Gawlik PTS 4 2007-03-24 Germany Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Germany
Win 3-0 Czech Republic Zsolt Botos PTS 6 2007-02-10 Germany Arena Gym, Hamburg, Germany
Win 2-0 Romania Viorel Otava UD 4 2006-12-15 Germany Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Germany
Win 1-0 Slovakia Slavomir Merva UD 4 2006-11-10 Germany Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Germany Rahimi's professional debut

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