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Hamidids or Hamed Dynasty (Modern Turkish: Hamidoğulları or Hamidoğulları Beyliği) also known as the Beylik of Hamid, was one of the 14th century Anatolian beyliks that emerged as a consequence of the decline of the Sultanate of Rum and ruled in the regions around Eğirdir and Isparta in southwestern Anatolia.

The Beylik was founded by Dündar Bey (also called Felek al-Din Bey), whose father Ilyas and grandfather Hamid had been frontier rulers under the Seljuks. Felek al- Din's brother Yunus Bey founded the Beylik of Teke centered in Antalya and Korkuteli, neighboring the Hamidid dynasty to the south.

Their territory became the Ottoman Sanjak of Hamid, roughly corresponding to the present-day Isparta Province.

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