Hamidullah Amin

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Hamidullah Amin
Kabul University President Hamidullah Amin speaking in 2011.jpg
Hamidullah Amin speaking in 2011
Born 1941
Near Bagrami District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Nationality Afghan
Alma mater Durham University
Occupation Administrator
Title President of Kabul University
Term 2008-
Successor Incumbent

Hamidullah Amin (born 1941) is a politician in Afghanistan, serving as the chancellor of Kabul University since 2008.[1] He also worked at the university prior to fleeing Afghanistan in 1988.

Amin completed his M.A. in geography at Durham University in 1968,[1][2][3] entitled The role of communication in the development of Afghanistan.[4] He returned to Afghanistan to work for Kabul University, as well as serving as a visiting lecturer at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. During this time he published his most influential English language work, A Geography of Afghanistan.[5] and remained after the Soivet invasion. He eventually fled in 1988, and worked for 14 years at Macquarie University in Australia,[2] before returning to Kabul to become Chancellor. During his time, Amin has worked to increase the number of female students at the university, and in higher education in Afghanistan in general.[6]

He is fluent in Pashto, Dari, English and Urdu.[1]


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