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Fraser High School
Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau
72 Ellicott Road
New Zealand
Coordinates 37°47′02″S 175°14′35″E / 37.7840°S 175.2431°E / -37.7840; 175.2431Coordinates: 37°47′02″S 175°14′35″E / 37.7840°S 175.2431°E / -37.7840; 175.2431
Type State Co-educational Secondary School (Y9-13)
Established 1920
Ministry of Education Institution no. 135
Principal Virginia Crawford
School roll 1535[1] (February 2017)
Socio-economic decile 4J[2]

Fraser High School (FHS) is a secondary school in Hamilton, New Zealand. The school began in 1920 as Hamilton Technical Day School (later amended to Hamilton's Technical High School in 1924).


In 1970, the school moved to the northwest suburbs of Hamilton and was re-established as a comprehensive co-educational secondary school. In 1969 while still at the Hamilton Technical College site the school was called Fraser High School under principal Dave Campbell. The school took its name from the original Principal, Whampoa Fraser. In 1998 the name was modified slightly to Hamilton's Fraser High School to reflect their historical link to Hamilton Technical Day School, and to give a stronger geographical link to Hamilton. The Māori name of the school is Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau.

The former principal of the school, Martin Elliott, caused some controversy over his use of obscenities during his ill-fated run for the Mayoralty of Hamilton in 2004.[3] Hamilton Fraser High School contains approximately 1657 students and 200 staff.

In 2001, the school suffered a huge loss when the school gymnasium was burnt down by vandals. A newer and larger gym was built in its place through support from the community. The school also opened a new technology block, on 19 October 2007, which has very similar architecture to the gymnasium.

Acting head Virginia Crawford was appointed the new principal following the resignation of Martin Elliott [4] after the discovery of his embezzlement in 2009.[5] She had been a deputy principal at the school for 5 years.The school roll as of March 30, 2010 is 1657. Virginia Crawford became the principal in 2010, after a Board of Trustees election.

In 2013, the technology block was updated with 2 new kitchens and a sewing room.


Hamilton's Fraser High School is the home to the country's last school-based cadet unit, which will be celebrating its 80th Jubilee in 2011. The Hamilton's Fraser High School Cadet Unit provides on a rotating basis, the duty of providing honour guards to the cenotaph on ANZAC Day, sharing this with the Hamilton City Cadet Corps, Hamilton Air Training Corps, TS Rangiri Sea Cadet Corps.


The school has a guidance and careers department and medical facilities. Guidance counselling and medical treatment is provided to all students when required.

Construction is slowly progressing on Ministry of Education funded new multimillion-dollar technical block which will accommodate such subjects as soft and hard fabrics, catering and automotive. The school also has a Teen Parent Unit and Frasers' Little Feet Childcare Centre.

Hamilton Technical College[edit]

Fraser High was previously known as Hamilton Technical College, which was located in the current Wintec building.

Notable alumni[edit]


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