Hamilton East—Stoney Creek (provincial electoral district)

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Hamilton East—Stoney Creek
Ontario electoral district
Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.png
Hamilton East—Stoney Creek in relation to the other Hamilton area ridings
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Paul Miller
New Democratic
District created 2006
First contested 2007
Last contested 2014
Population (2006) 116,434
Electors (2011) 85,802
Area (km²) 74
Pop. density (per km²) 1,573.4
Census divisions Hamilton
Census subdivisions Hamilton

Hamilton East—Stoney Creek is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since the 2007 provincial election.

The riding was formed in 2003 from parts of the former ridings of Hamilton East and Stoney Creek.

Of the 115,709 constituents of the riding, a slight majority were previously constituents in the former riding of Stoney Creek. 58,462 constituents were part of the Stoney Creek riding while 57,247 constituents originated from Hamilton East.


It consists of the part of the City of Hamilton lying north of the Niagara Escarpment and east of Ottawa Street.

The riding consists of the neighbourhoods of Bartonville, Homeside, Normanhurst, McQuesten, Glenview, Rosedale, Red Hill, Vincent, Gershome, Greenford, Corman, Kentley, Riverdale, Parkview West, Parkview East, Nashdale, Lake Grayside and the eastern half of The Delta in the former City of Hamilton plus the part of the former City of Stoney Creek north of the Niagara Escarpment including the "Old Town", Fruitland and Winona.

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Hamilton East—Stoney Creek
Assembly Years Member Party
Riding created from Hamilton East and Stoney Creek
39th  2007–2011     Paul Miller New Democratic
40th  2011–2014
41st  2014–Present

Election results[edit]

Ontario general election, 2014
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
New Democratic Paul Miller 19,958 46.81 -4.91
Liberal Ivan Luksic 12,433 29.16 +2.86
Progressive Conservative David Brown 7,574 17.76 -0.95
Green Greg Zink 1,742 4.09 +2.34
Libertarian Mark Burnison 676 1.59 +0.84
Freedom Britney Anne Johnston 254 0.60 +0.26
Total valid votes 42,637 100.0  
New Democratic hold Swing -3.88
Source: Elections Ontario[1]
Ontario general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
New Democratic Paul Miller 20,442 51.72 +14.09
Liberal Mark Cripps 10,397 26.30 -8.82
Progressive Conservative Nancy Fiorintino 7,395 18.71 -2.57
Green W. Peter Randall 692 1.75 -3.19
Libertarian Greg Pattinson 295 0.75
Family Coalition Bob Green Innes 173 0.44 -0.6
Freedom Philip Doucette 133 0.34
Total valid votes 39,527 100.00
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 216 0.54
Turnout 39,743 46.26
Eligible voters 85,908
New Democratic hold Swing +11.46
Source: Elections Ontario[2]
Ontario general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes %
New Democratic Paul Miller 16,256 37.63
Liberal Nerene Virgin 15,171 35.12
Progressive Conservative Tara Crugnale 9,195 21.28
Green Raymond Dartsch 2,122 4.91
Family Coalition Robert Innes 451 1.04
Total valid votes 43,195 100.0

2007 electoral reform referendum[edit]

Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007
Side Votes %
First Past the Post 23,342 63.7
Mixed member proportional 13,310 36.3
Total valid votes 36,652 100.0


Coordinates: 43°15′04″N 79°48′14″W / 43.251°N 79.804°W / 43.251; -79.804