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Hamilton Sloan (9 December 1945 in Belfast ) is an Irish painter.

Early life[edit]

Born in Belfast but spent a lot of his life in Comber, Co down


Artist Spent several years in Donegal perfecting his craft

Currently living in Bangor, Co Down

Hamilton Sloan is a well known traditional Irish artist, born in Belfast in 1945 he has lived and painted throughout Ireland. Working in mostly Oils and Watercolours he has gained a reputation for his skill and popularity.

Many of his works are on show in various gallery's in Ireland.

Before his successful painting career, Hamilton Sloan worked in the Ulster Museum and completed many of the exhibits there today, the best known being Peter the Polar Bear [1]

His work is included in the Collections of many Irish Public bodies, and also in the private collections of many Public figures, including two former Irish Taoiseachs and many of Northern Ireland's leading politicians.

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