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This is a complete list of seasons competed by the Hamilton (Flying) Wildcats, a Canadian football team that competed in the Ontario Rugby Football Union and Interprovincial Rugby Football Union. The Hamilton Wildcats Football Club was formed to play in the ORFU in 1941 to fill the void left by the Hamilton Tigers, who folded due to a large number of players joining the army.

After World War II, the Hamilton Tigers resumed playing in the IRFU, simultaneously competing for the Grey Cup with the Wildcats. In 1950, the two clubs merged under the moniker Hamilton Tiger-Cats after it became apparent that both teams would not be able to compete financially in the same market.

During their brief history, the Wildcats won one Grey Cup championship.

Grey Cup Championships Division Championships Regular season Championships
Season League Finish Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
Hamilton Wildcats
1941 ORFU 1st 5 0 1 Lost Eastern Final (Rough Riders) 7-2
1942 ORFU 3rd 6 4 0
Hamilton Flying Wildcats
1943 ORFU 1st 8 1 1 Won ORFU Final (Beachers) 7-2
Won East Final (Lachine RCAF) 7-6
Won Grey Cup (Winnipeg RCAF Bombers) 23-14
1944 ORFU 1st 5 1 0 Won ORFU Final (Beachers) 1-1 series (13-10 points)
Lost Grey Cup (St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy) 7-6
Hamilton Wildcats
1945 ORFU 3rd 3 5 0
1946 ORFU 1st 8 1 1 Won ORFU Semi-Finals (Imperials) 14-5
Lost ORFU Finals (Beachers) 13-6
1947 ORFU 1st 9 1 0 Won ORFU Semi-Finals (Indians) 14-0
Lost ORFU Finals (Trojans) 15-3
1948 IRFU 4th 1 10 1
1949 IRFU 4th 0 12 0
Regular Season Totals (1941-1949) 45 35 4
Playoff Totals (1941-1949) 5 4 0
Grey Cup Totals (1941-1949) 1 1

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