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Language(s)Name found in the bible
Word/nameSeumas (voc. Sheumais)
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Hamish is a masculine given name in English and occasionally a nickname. It is the Anglicised form of the vocative case of the Scottish Gaelic Seumas: Sheumais. The Scottish Gaelic Seumas is the equivalent to the English James.[1]


Given name[edit]

  • Hamish Neale (born 1975), Australian Executive Chef
  • Hamish Blake (born 1981), Australian comedian and radio presenter
  • Hamish Bond (born 1986), Olympic gold medalist rower from New Zealand
  • Hamish Bowles (born 1963), European Editor-at-Large for Vogue
  • Hamish Brown, writer, lecturer and photographer specialising in mountain and outdoor topics
  • Hamish Carter (born 1971), Olympic gold medalist triathlete from New Zealand
  • Hamish Clark, Scottish actor, famous for playing the part of Duncan McKay in the BBC TV series Monarch of the Glen



  • Hamish the polar bear: a polar bear cub born at Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park in December 2017 - notable as the first polar bear cub bred in captivity in the UK for 25 years, and named by public vote.
  • Hamish El Doggo: a dog famous in the Portobello area of Edinburgh, named after Scottish musicologist, poet, academic and communist Hamish Henderson and known for his friendliness and fluffiness.

Fictional characters[edit]


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