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Hamish Fulton (born in 1946 in London, England) is a British artist and photographer.


He first attended the art foundation course at Hammersmith College of Art. With help from a tutor (David Hall) he was accepted straight into the advanced course at Saint Martin's School of Art, London, 1966–68, and the following year studied at the Royal College of Art, London.[1] Fulton primarily concentrated his work on the experiences in individual walks that he took.

Hamish Fulton: “seven paces” (2003)

The emotional and physical recollections of his walks, lasting anywhere from one day to many weeks, are displayed as photographs combined with descriptive captions that evoke unique feelings within each viewer. His books expound on these matters.[2][3][4] His Work Landscape, 1974, is by Museo Cantonale d'Arte of Lugano.[5] His work was the focus of a December 1975 edition of the BBC television series Arena.

For the last twenty years, Fulton has shifted his focus on painting exhibition walls. His wall installation A 21 day coast to coast walking journey. Japan 1996 at the John Weber Gallery, NY incorporates the concrete poetry format and his earlier work A Seven day walk in the mountains Switzerland early summer 1984 was the inspiration for the 'fulton' Visual poetry form.[6]

Hamish Fulton is represented in London by Maureen Paley.



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