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Background information
Origin Madrid, Spain
Genres Nu metal,[1] groove metal, alternative metal
Years active 1987–present
Website www.hamlet1.com
Members J. Molly
Luís Tárraga
Paco Sánchez
Alberto Marín
Álvaro Tenorio
Past members Javier Gómez
Javier Rocaverti
Pablo Gianni
Augusto Hernández
Pedro Sanchez

Hamlet is a five-piece metal band from Madrid, Spain. They formed in 1987 and are still active. They are signed to Kaiowas Records and have released ten albums, their most recent being La Ira was released in 2015. They are the pioneers of alternative metal in Spain with their albums Sanatorio de Muñecos (1994) and Revolución 12.111 (1996).[2]


Hamlet's history goes back to the late 80s, when five kids decided to get together under the name of one of the best-known works of writer William Shakespeare. After several concerts, they recorded a mini LP ·Hamlet". this work shows a style influenced by the era of hard rock. That same style would continue in the first official recording of the group, but with some changes (including formation): Peligroso was released in 1992 by DRO, with a production that was quite bad. The group was not very happy with the final work and this is the reason why the unheralded record is widely unknown by many fans.

1993: Sanatorio de Muñecos (The True Beginning)[edit]

More concerts and self-promotion lead J. Molly, Luis Tárraga, Pedro Sanchez, Paco Sanchez, and Augusto Fernandez to move to Tampa, Florida in 1993 to Morrisound Studios with producer and owner Tom Morris (Sepultura, Coroner, Morbid Angel) and record their second proper album Sanatorio de Muñecos. The history of this group really starts with this album. Without pressure, they were able to express all their musical influences (Sepultura, Pantera, Faith No More) Hamlet formed their own sound. The musical evolution is very strong with this record; the style, though ill-defined at beginning, inspired a new trend, a new movement. The Hard-rockers roots were left behind, with powerful guitars, rhythmic bases and an aggressive vocal style, blending melody with hardcore shouting and screaming vocals. The lyrics of Hamlet in this work are strong, committed and involve current topics.



Album Name Released No. of
1. Peligroso 1992 12 32:28
2. Sanatorio de Muñecos 1994 13 49:07
3. Revolución 12.111 1996 15 59:47
4. Insomnio 1998 12 41:11
5. El Inferno 2000 11 40:05
6. Hamlet (Black Album) 2002 11 40:08
7. Directo 2003 20 1:33:21
8. Syberia 2005 12 54:13
9. Pura Vida 2006 10 39:10
10. La Puta y el Diablo 2009 10 53:54
11. Amnesia 2011 11 45:25
12. La Ira 2015 13 50:36


DVD Name Released No. of
1. Directo 2003 24

Other song appearances[edit]

Track Appearance Year
"Out In the Cold" Metal Gods, Tributo a Judas Priest 2000
"Más Azul" Estirpe - Inventarse el mundo 2005
"Hombre" Stravaganzza - Requiem 2007
"Maitasunaren Indarkeria" Idi Bihotz - Zuzenean 2007


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