Hamlin Peak

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Hamlin Peak
Hamlin Peak seen from Baxter Peak.jpg
Highest point
Elevation4,756 ft (1,450 m)
Prominence496 ft (151 m) [1]
ListingNew England 4000 footers
Coordinates45°55′16″N 68°55′24″W / 45.921167°N 68.923333°W / 45.921167; -68.923333Coordinates: 45°55′16″N 68°55′24″W / 45.921167°N 68.923333°W / 45.921167; -68.923333[2]
Topo mapUSGS Mount Katahdin
Easiest routeHike

Hamlin Peak is a 4,756-foot (1,450 m) mountain located in Baxter State Park in Piscataquis County, Maine.[3] Hamlin Peak is a northern spur of the greater Mount Katahdin massif and is flanked to the south by Baxter Peak, and to the north by the Howe Peaks. Since it rises nearly 500 feet (150 m) above the col joining it to the higher Baxter Peak, Hamlin Peak qualifies as a four-thousand footer based on the topographic prominence criterion used by the Appalachian Mountain Club, and is ranked as the second-highest peak in Maine.

The southeast face of Hamlin Peak drains into the Great Basin, where water ultimately flows into the Penobscot River and eventually empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Penobscot Bay.

There are several trails that lead to or near the summit of Hamlin Peak.[4][5]


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