Hamma Hamma River

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Hamma Hamma River
Country United States
State Washington
County Mason
Source Olympic Mountains
 - coordinates 47°34′1″N 123°19′5″W / 47.56694°N 123.31806°W / 47.56694; -123.31806 [1]
Mouth Hood Canal
 - coordinates 47°32′44″N 123°2′30″W / 47.54556°N 123.04167°W / 47.54556; -123.04167Coordinates: 47°32′44″N 123°2′30″W / 47.54556°N 123.04167°W / 47.54556; -123.04167 [1]
Discharge for near Eldon
 - average 364.4 cu ft/s (10.3 m3/s) [2]
 - max 6,010 cu ft/s (170.2 m3/s)
 - min 39 cu ft/s (1.1 m3/s)
Location of the mouth of the Hamma Hamma River in Washington

The Hamma Hamma River is a river on the Olympic Peninsula in the U.S. state of Washington. It rises near Mount Washington in the Olympic Mountains within the Olympic National Park and drains to Hood Canal and thence to the Pacific Ocean.

The name Hamma Hamma comes from a Twana village once located at the river's mouth and called Hab'hab, referring to a reed that grows along the river's banks.[3]

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