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Hammad Husain (born February 12, 1970) is a Pakistani architect[1] and writer, based in Islamabad.


Upon receiving his architecture degree from METU in 1994, Hammad returned home and joined one of the leading architecture firms of the city. In 1996, he set up his own practice, Hammad Husain Architects.[2]

President Musharraf's architect[edit]

Hammad was commissioned in 2004 by General Pervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan and a front line US ally in the War on Terror, to design his farmhouse[3][4] in Islamabad. After Mr Musharraf’s resignation as president on August 18, 2008, his farmhouse, along with his architect, came under local and international media spotlight amid speculations whether Musharraf would be able to live in his soon-to-be-completed farmhouse or leave the country. Hammad was interviewed in newspapers such as The Independent,[5] The Australian.[6]


Hammad has presented papers at international conferences including the UIA[7] (International Union of Architects) Congress 2005 at Istanbul, Turkey and International Conference on Humane Habitat[8] (ICHH) 2008 at Mumbai, India.


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