Hammar Lacus

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Hammar Lacus
PIA17470 Titan northern hemisphere.jpg
False-color near infrared view of Titan's northern hemisphere, showing its seas and lakes.
Feature type Lacus
Coordinates 48°36′N 308°17′W / 48.6°N 308.29°W / 48.6; -308.29Coordinates: 48°36′N 308°17′W / 48.6°N 308.29°W / 48.6; -308.29
Diameter 200 km[note 1]
Eponym Hammar Lake

Hammar Lacus is one of a number of hydrocarbon seas and lakes found on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.[1]

The lake is located at latitude 48.6°N and longitude 308.29° W on Titan's globe,[2] and is composed of liquid methane and ethane,[3] At 200 km in diameter it is the third largest lake on Titan and is named after Hammar Lake in southern Iraq, its name being adopted by the IAU on Dec 3, 2013.[2] Its area is given as 18600 km2.[4]


  1. ^ The USGS web site gives the size as a "diameter", but it is actually the length in the longest dimension.


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