Hammastunturi Wilderness Area

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Hammastunturi Wilderness Area (Hammastunturin erämaa)
Protected area
Horisontissa Hammastunturi.JPG
Country Finland
Region Lapland
Coordinates 68°31′N 26°37′E / 68.517°N 26.617°E / 68.517; 26.617Coordinates: 68°31′N 26°37′E / 68.517°N 26.617°E / 68.517; 26.617
Area 1,825 km2 (705 sq mi)
Established 1991
Management Metsähallitus
IUCN category VI - Managed Resource Protected Area
Hammastunturi Wilderness Area is located in Finland
Hammastunturi Wilderness Area
Location in Finland

The Hammastunturi Wilderness Area (Finnish: Hammastunturin erämaa) is located in Lapland, Finland. It was established in 1991 like all the other 11 wilderness areas of Finland. It covers 1,825 square kilometres (705 sq mi) situated in a fell and forest area between the Urho Kekkonen National Park and Lemmenjoki National Park. It is governed by the Metsähallitus.[1]

The history of the area comprises reindeer husbandry, Lapland gold rush, and later road building and settlements. During the gold rush, around 1870, Kultala along the Ivalo River was a large village center inhabiting hundreds of people. There were as many gold diggers as the other people of Inari put together.


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