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"Hammer the Hammer"
Hammer the Hammer single cover.jpg
Single by The Go-Betweens
A-side "Hammer the Hammer"
B-side "By Chance"
Released June 1982
Format 7" vinyl
Recorded January 1982
A.A.V. Studios, Melbourne
Length 2:50
Label Rough Trade
Songwriter(s) Grant McLennan[1]
Producer(s) Tony Cohen
The Go-Betweens singles chronology
"You Turn, My Turn"
"Hammer the Hammer"
"Cattle and Cane"

"You Turn, My Turn"
"Hammer the Hammer"
"Cattle and Cane"

"Hammer the Hammer" was released as a stand-alone single by Australian indie group The Go-Betweens. It was released as a 7" vinyl record on the Missing Link Records label in Australia in June 1982[2][3] and by Rough Trade Records in the United Kingdom in July,[4][5] with "By Chance" as the B-side. Forster considered that "By Chance" was a personal break-through for him.[2] Pitchfork Media describes "By Chance" as sounding "more than a bit like the early Smiths.[6]


According to music journalist Clinton Walker "Hammer the Hammer" was about McLennan's growing taste for narcotics encouraged by a proximity to the Birthday Party.[7] McLennan however denied that the song was about drugs and in the liner notes for the band's compilation album, 1978-1990, he describes it as being "an incomplete meditation on loneliness and violence, sometimes mistakenly thought to be about drugs".[8]

Forster described the song as, "Grant's first great pop tune. An urgent, melodic verse, a foot to the floor chorus - its lyric just the repeated title. Perfect. From his earliest songs I found his lyrics surprisingly oblique and melancholic."[9]

The band recorded the two songs at Armstrong's Audio Visual (A.A.V.) Studios in Melbourne, at the same time as The Birthday Party was recording Junkyard.[10] It was during these sessions that the two groups decided to collaborate on a song. The result, "After the Fireworks", was a Forster/McLennan joint composition with the lyrics by Nick Cave. It was subsequently released by on Au Go Go Records (ANDA-22) under the name Tuff Monks.[10][11]


Reviewed in NME at the time of release, it was described as, "Miscreant pop music attempting to disgrace its fealty to any number of sources. It seems to stumble when a stride is called for and winds up notating needless obscurities. Vacancy trussed up as abstraction is not the stuff of success, in any sense."[12]

The Guardian describes the song as an "odd, punkish sort of folk rock, deceptively primitive and sometimes rattlingly suggestive of the Velvet Underground."[13]

Track listing[edit]

Original 7" Vinyl release[edit]

1."Hammer the Hammer"G. McLennan[1]2:50
2."By Chance"R. Forster[14]2:30

Release history[edit]

Date Region Label Format Catalogue
June 1982 Australia Missing Link 7" vinyl MISS 33[15]
July 1982 United Kingdom Rough Trade RT 108[15]


The Go-Betweens
  • Producer, Engineer — Tony Cohen
  • Producer — The Go-Betweens


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