Hammered (Bear novel)

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Hammered by Elizabeth Bear.jpg
Author Elizabeth Bear
Country United States
Language English
Series The Jenny Casey Trilogy
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Publication date
28 December 2004
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 352 (paperback edition)
ISBN 0-553-58750-1
OCLC 57335348
LC Class CPB Box no. 2305 vol. 3
Followed by Scardown

Hammered is a science fiction novel by Elizabeth Bear first published on 28 December 2004 by Bantam Spectra. The book won the 2006 Locus Award for Best First Novel. It is the first book of a trilogy made of Hammered, Scardown, and Worldwired.


Master Warrant Officer Jenny Casey is a Canadian ex-soldier who has cybernetic replacements for an arm and an eye that she lost during combat. Jenny's former commander, who was responsible for replacing her limbs, contacts her to bring her into a secret government corporate project in which she is uniquely qualified to participate.


Publishers Weekly said in their review that "Bear's often jagged prose ('We disembark in Brazil, which has the distinction of being one of several countries I've been shot at in. Shot down over, even...') suits the frequent, at times confusing narrative jumps between the virtual and real worlds" and that "readers may have difficulties following this sometimes chaotic story."[1] Noah Robischon in his review for Entertainment Weekly said that "Bear is talented, but this debut starts more good ideas than it finishes."[2]


Release details[edit]

  • 2004, United States of America, Bantam Spectra ISBN 0-553-58750-1, Pub date 28 December 2004, Paperback


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