Hammerhead (film)

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Hammerhead (1968 movie poster).jpg
Original film poster
Directed by David Miller
Produced by Irving Allen
Written by James Mayo (novel)
John Briley (adaptation)
Herbert Baker
William Bast (screenplay)
Starring Vince Edwards
Judy Geeson
Peter Vaughan
Music by David Whitaker
Cinematography Wilkie Cooper
Kenneth Talbot
Edited by Geoffrey Foot
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • April 1968 (1968-04)
Running time
99 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Hammerhead is a British thriller film directed by David Miller and starring Vince Edwards, Judy Geeson and Diana Dors.[1] Its plot concerns a criminal mastermind who attempts to steal NATO secrets, with an American agent hot on his trail. It is based on the 1964 novel by English novelist James Mayo, and produced by Irving Allen and written by Herbert Baker who made the Matt Helm films for Columbia Pictures. It was filmed in London and Portugal.


British intelligence asks a soldier of fortune, Charles Hood, to go to Portugal and help stop an international criminal mastermind called Hammerhead who plans to steal a secret report on nuclear defense.

Hood manages to board the yacht owned by Hammerhead, a collector of valuable erotic art. He is distracted along the way by model Sue Trenton plus a pair of Hammerhead's mistresses, Ivory and Kit.

Hammerhead intends to kidnap Britain's NATO delegate, Sir Richard Calvert, and replace him with a lookalike, Andreas, a master of disguise. He finds out Hood's identity and traps him and Sue inside a coffin, but they manage to escape. Kit and Andreas both are killed, while Ivory does away with Hammerhead personally, using a harpoon.



The production of the film was delayed because Columbia contract star Vince Edwards suffered a bone fracture during the filming in Portugal in 1967.[2]


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