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Hammerman Title Card.jpg
Title card
Created byAndy Heyward
MC Hammer
Directed byMichael Maliani
StarringMC Hammer
Voices ofNeil Crone
Clark Johnson
Jeff Jones
Miguel Lee
Joe Matheson
Susan Roman
Ron Rubin
Carmen Twillie
Louise Vallance
Maurice Dean Wint
Composer(s)The Music Team
Mark Simon
(Additional Music)
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)Andy Heyward
Louis Burrell
Producer(s)Kevin O'Donnell
Editor(s)Mark A. McNally
Susan Odjakjian
Running time23 minutes
Production company(s)DIC Entertainment
Bustin' Productions, Inc.
DistributorDHX Media
Original networkABC
Original releaseSeptember 7 – December 7, 1991

Hammerman is a Saturday morning cartoon, produced by DIC Entertainment and starring pop rapper MC Hammer, which aired for thirteen episodes on ABC in the fall of 1991.


Youth center worker Stanley Burrell (Hammer's real name) owns a pair of magical dancing shoes (which are alive and can speak), which when worn cause Burrell to transform into the superhero Hammerman. He frequently gets advice from his "Gramps", who was a former owner of the shoes and was known as Soulman. While in the guise of Hammerman, Burrell was dressed in MC Hammer's signature purple Hammer pants and myriad golden chains.

The show was hosted by the real MC Hammer, who also sang the show's theme song, telling about the origin of Hammerman. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Gramps (Robert Nameson) was the superhero Soulman, but as he grew older, he grew weaker and was forced to retire. Gramps and his granddaughter Jodie traveled to find the next new superhero. Their search was over when they met Stanley and he put on the shoes. Each episode, Hammerman faced various social issues; at the end of each episode, a puppet version of the magic shoes would speak to a live child audience and provide methods the children could use to address these issues themselves.


While the airdates and order of most episodes is unknown, "Defeated Graffiti", the first episode (as confirmed by MC Hammer's comments at the beginning of the episode), aired on September 7, 1991.

The cartoon aired on Saturday mornings at 10 AM on ABC.

Known episodes are as follows:

No.TitleOriginal air date
1"Defeated Graffiti"September 7, 1991 (1991-09-07)

It's time for Hammerman, the super hero with super cool dancin' shoes! In 'Defeated Graffiti', Hammerman and the Oaktown Rec Center Kids confront an ugly crime wave that's messin' up the neighborhood.

If anyone can save Oaktown... Hammerman can!
2"Winnie's Winner"October 19, 1991 (1991-10-19)
3"Rapoleon"November 16, 1991 (1991-11-16)
4"Will and the Jerks"November 23, 1991 (1991-11-23)
5"If the Shoe Fits"November 30, 1991 (1991-11-30)
6"Nobody's Perfect"December 7, 1991 (1991-12-07)
7"Practice Makes Perfect"Unknown
8"Bite the Bullet"Unknown
10"The Wrong Turn"Unknown
11"Hide N Seek"Unknown
12"Operation: Rescue Hammerman"Unknown


Additional voices[edit]


  • Executive Producers - Andy Heyward, Louis Burrell
  • Directed by Mike Maliani
  • Produced by Kevin O'Donnell
  • Story Editors - Reed Shelly & Bruce Shelly
  • Executive in Charge of Production - Brian A. Miller
  • Production Supervisor - Stacy Gallishaw
  • Associate Producer - John O'Sullivan Francis, Jr.
  • Production Coorinator - Kent Meredith
  • Production Assistant - Amanda Ruhland
  • Voice Director - Greg Morton
  • Talent Coordinator - Shawn Hughey
  • Recording Assistant - Mary Noble
  • Casting - Greg Morton, Marsha Goodman
  • Coordinating Producer - Robby London
  • Script Coordinator - Lori Crawford
  • Script Assistants - William A. Ruiz, Ray Bright, Eben F. Eldridge, Penny Wylie
  • Art Director - Joe Horne
  • Character Designer - E.D. Lee
  • Prop Designers - Andy Ice, Rodger Lueras
  • Background Designers - Joe Barruso, Rick Allen, Andy Ice, Dan Kubat
  • Color Background Painters - :Richard D. Ziehler Martin!, Hector Martinez"
  • Color Key Artists - Allyn Conley, Rivka, Bob Watts, Li Rene Harmon
  • Storyboards by Joe Horne, Story, Millimetros Dibujos Animados, S.A., Dave Simons
  • Animation Timing - Joe Horne
  • Sheet Timing - Fred Crippen
  • Overseas Director - Rick Allen
  • Overseas Animation Supervisors - Gary Scott, J. Falconer
  • Overseas Consultant - Winnie Chaffee
  • Music Supervisor - Joanne Miller
  • Assisted by Judy Sampson-Brown, Melissa Gentry
  • Hammerman Theme Song Performed by Hammer
  • Songs Performed by Hammer
  • Courtesy of Capitol Records & Bust It Publishing
  • Music by The Music Team
  • Hammerman Theme Song by Hammer & Felton Pilate
  • Additional Music by Chase/Rucker Productions
  • Executive in Charge of Post Production - Thierry P. Laurin
  • Assistant to the Executive in Charge of Post Production - Kimberly R. Francis
  • Supervising Editor - Richard S. Gannon
  • Film Editors - Gregory K. Bowron, Richard Bruce Elliott, Allan Gelbart
  • Dialogue Editors - Heather C. Elliott, Donald P. Zappala, Peter Tomaszewicz, Lida Saskova
  • Supervising Music Editor - Stuart Goetz
  • Music Editor - Daniel J. Johnson
  • Sound Effects by Mike Mancini
  • Supervising Sound Engineer - Michael J. Cowan
  • Format Editors - Mark A. McNally, Susan Odjakjian
  • Assistant Editors - Trudy Alexander, Kris Gilpin
  • Videotape Supervisors - Tonda Lark, Dennis Graham, Fifun A. Amini, Gerri Kessler
  • Post Production Coordinator - Maria C. Mercado
  • Animation Production by Pacific Rim Animation L.T.D.
  • Opening Title Animation by Milimetros Dibujos Animados, S.A.

Live Action Segments[edit]

  • Lighting Design and Direction by Ocean / Rose & Associates
  • Associate Producer - Brad Kreisberg
  • Videotape Editor - Bob Minshall
  • Camera Operators - Scott Kaye, Ron Tosches
  • Audio - Ish Garcia
  • Video Facilities - Pro-Cam Productions
  • Production Assistants - Laura Knox, Renee Mendoza, Albert Taylor, Joshua Lou Friedman
  • Creative Supervisor - Andy Heyward!
  • © 1991 Bustin' Productions, Inc.
  • DiC ®
  • Coproduced by Reteitalia, s.p.a. in Association with Telecinco


  • Additional Music by Mark Simon and Zo Williams
  • Foley Artist - Doug Madick

Critical reception[edit]

  • Entertainment Weekly journalist Dalton Ross listed Hammerman at the top of his list "Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things to Be Turned Into a Saturday Morning Cartoon", and said about the show, "When it comes to idiotic adaptations, u can't touch this."[1]

Home media[edit]

From 1992–1993, 3 of the 13 episodes were released on VHS: "Rapoleon",[2] "Defeated Graffiti",[3] and "Winnie's Winner".[4] There are currently no plans for a DVD release.


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