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The English surname or family name Hammond is derived from one of several personal names, most frequently

  • the Norman Hamo/Hamon, a shortened form of one of several names beginning with haim, meaning "home"
  • the Old Norse Hámundr, composed of (high) + Mund (protection)[1]

Some notable people with the surname Hammond include:

People surnamed Hammond[edit]

North and South American[edit]

Australian and New Zealand[edit]




  • Kristine Hammond (born 1999), Filipino-British Spiker, Volleyball Player and ex-PBB Lucky Season 7 Teen Housemate


  • Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.
  • Ashley Hammond, a character in the Power Rangers television series
  • Evey Hammond, the protagonist in both the 1980s graphic novel series and the 2006 film adaptation V for Vendetta, played in the film by Natalie Portman
  • Major General (later Lieutenant General) George Hammond (Stargate), the head of Stargate Command in the sci-fi television show Stargate SG-1
  • Hector Hammond, a DC Universe supervillain, primarily an enemy of Green Lantern
  • Madeline Hammond, a character in the Light of the Western Stars series by Zane Grey
  • Mark Hammond, the main character of The Getaway (video game)
  • John Hammond, a fictional millionaire, head of In-Gen and the creator of Jurassic Park
  • Reggie Hammond, protagonist played by Eddie Murphy in the movie 48 Hrs.
  • Zach Hammond, chief security officer of the USG Kellion in Dead Space (video game)
  • Lisa Hammond, a character played by Jobeth Williams in the movie Teachers with Nick Nolte
  • The Hammond Family, in the TV Show Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver


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